What we do and Why

The PGSA is the official University of Auckland Postgraduate Students Association. We cover all things from providing you with support throughout your studies to bringing some light entertainment to your busy schedules.​

We believe that university isn't just about the grades you get and the research you conduct, but it is also about the connections you make and the memories you create.​

Through the events we run, whether it be socially or academically focussed, we aim to help you create those connections with other like-minded and hard-working students.​

We also work in collaboration with other organisations, such as AUSA, to bring you care packages and wellbeing seminars.

Value 1 - Collaboration & Leadership

  • Advocacy and Representation 

  • Connection to resources and services (academic, employment, health, advocacy etc)

  • Peer support, mentoring, and volunteering opportunities

  • Integration (cultural and social) and diversity

  • Newsletters and media

  • Peer support, mentoring, and volunteering opportunities

  • Resources

  • Social and academic events

Value 3 - Research, Knowledge & Skills

  • Connecting student researchers with participants

  • Developing dynamic skills for problem solving, critical analysis, and creative thinking

  • Dissemination of research

  • Support regarding finding information & resources

  • Learning to work effectively in diverse teams and industries

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Value 2 - Communication, Influence

and Impact

  • Creating strong working relationships with people

  • Cross-cultural communication and feedback

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Exposure to faculty, university and international competitions

  • Equipment and venue hire

  • Supporting students to develop competency and autonomy in self-support and help-seeking when navigating the university experience

Value 4 - Personal & Professional Development

  • Writing and communication workshops

  • Leadership and excellence

  • Teambuilding

  • Design workshops

  • Networking development

  • Presentation and Public Speaking

  • Writing retreats